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The Texas Trucking Alliance (TTA) is a partnership of complementary companies, the TXTA Foundation, and Texas’s largest trucking industry organization, the Texas Trucking Association (TXTA). In addition, current members include Business Financial Group and SelecTransportation Resources. TTA was created to provide an ongoing mechanism to identify, foster and promote adoption of the Best Practices in the Texas trucking industry.


TTA conducts primary research that is guided by TXTA and the TTA Steering Committee, with secondary input from centers of influence in the Industry and an Industry advisory panel.


TTA's mission is to have a significant, positive, identified and long-term impact on operating effectiveness of companies in the Texas trucking industry through its research findings, communication and education.


TTA's goals include:

  • Producing distinct, statistically-significant and insightful industry research that is not available elsewhere
  • Identifying and benchmarking best practices
  • Educating industry executives and the public on industry trends




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